One of the first projects of Kelly Green was to restore an unused garden space in the back of the schoolyard. For the past 7 years, the 18 bed garden has been a lush and productive site of fresh organic vegetables, planted and maintained by more than 400 Kelly students over the years. When the school year is over, school families and neighbors maintain the garden and share produce through the summer.

For the first few years, student were involved through an after school Garden Club. Last year a community garden educator was able to provide lessons during the school day with specific classes. Additionally, recess, at times, includes garden activities.

The garden has been developed with the support of many friends and organizations, including the Restorative Justice initiative of the Mural Arts program, which built our shed and picnic tables, Arcadia and Jefferson Universities, Whole Kids Foundation and the Mayor’s Activity Fund.

The Kelly Garden offers opportunities for real life experience in growing and harvesting fresh, healthy food. We have only begun to utilize the space to its maximum potential, beginning connections with the school’s Eat Right Now nutrition program and looking for ways to engage more friends and neighbors in growing and eating healthy, organic, produce.